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$349 Package

Includes Home page and 4 supporting pages, plus domain name.

Home Page 
The home page is the page that first greets your web site visitor. When someone comes to your home page they should be able to quickly know who you are. The home page message should be clear, concise and give the message of what you do.

4 Supporting Pages 
These are the pages that elaborate on different aspects of your business. Some ideas for additional supporting pages are 

  • More about Us 
  • FAQ 
  • Client List 
  • Resources 
  • Profile 
  • Purpose 
  • Services

Domain Name
This is the name and address of your web site. When choosing your domain name it is good to use your actual business name. You can go to our FAQ page to read more about domain names.

If you already have a domain name it can be used for your ''Do It Yourself'' web site. The domain name will need to be switched to point to our servers. There might be an additional charge involved in switching your domain name. If you go to our order form and let us know what your domain name is we can research this. Some switches involve much more than others depending on how you set up the domain name when you first purchased it.

Email accounts 
Once you have a domain name and a web site you will want to have an email address. It is a good marketing decision to have the same email address as your domain name. You can also create email addresses to help you organize the communication you are getting from your web site and email by setting up email accounts such as info@yourdomainname.com or sales@yourdomainname.com. If you already have an email address you can continue to use that OR we can forward your new email account to your current address. You let us know what you need. An email account is one of the many benefits you get for your monthly hosting fee.

Set up and change your own key words for search engines 
Whether you register your web site or you have us register your web site with search engines, we have given you the freedom to set up and change your key words and search engine descriptions as needed.

No limits to the changes you make to your web site content 
Once your sites is up and running you will have the ability to go into your web site and add, delete and change copy as often as you like at no additional cost.

No limits to the switches you make to your template design 
Once your site is up and running you will have the ability to change the template of your web site to any of the designs in our gallery as often as you like at no additional cost.

We also help get you started! 
Your 'Do It Yourself' comes with a comprehensive online manual that gives you step by step instructions. We are also available by phone to walk you through the getting started. Once you are up and running if you need additional help we are available to you at our rate of $75 per hour.

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Web site development : Do It Yourself technology has made it easier and cheaper than ever to create and edit your own website.  We can help you with web site hosting and web site marketing too
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